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Now available at Upper Classics - For more details  please refer to our Parts for Sale
SS1 Tourer rear bumper assembly
SS1 Tourer windscreen frame assembly


Check out the 1912 'Little'
The recently completed 1939 Buick Straight 8
Progress on the 23 window VW Kombi Van


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People from all over the globe use our car restoration services!

You may wonder why you would send your car half way around the world, but the answer is simple.  Based in New Zealand, the hourly wage for Upper Classics' car restorers is considerably lower than in Western Europe, while skilled craftsmanship has remained at a far higher level. The lower hourly rate enables our classic car restoration team to spend more hours on your car for the same price so that the end result is simply better.  Find out more about us and our specialist SS Jaguar restoration expertise.