MGA Twin Cam Roadster - For Sale

Currently being restored by us from the chassis up.  Similar to the car below which we restored in 2009.  Will be fully restored mechanically and body by ourselves.  The car will have a powder blue body with dark blue interior and hood.  This car is LHD but could be converted to RHD at an extra cost.


 1959MGA-TwinCam01    1959MGA-TwinCam02    1959MGA-TwinCam03 

The task of repairing the bodywork is progressing well.  Although this car came from the US and the bodywork was mostly rust free, the boot floor had deteriorated badly.  The boot floor was cut out completely and a floor from a donor shell fitted.  The only other areas of rust were the sills, both sides and due to humidity these seem to have sweated and rusted from the inside out.  Both sides have been completely replaced.   

 MGA 4    MGA 5    MGA 6
 MGA 7    MGA 8    MGA 9

At some stage, like most sports cars, this car had had a frontal accident and been poorly repaired.  The front shroud was cut away so the inner panels could be repaired correctly and a new radiator duct panel fitted.  The damage to the front shroud panel was repaired and once everything was lined up by trial fitting the front wings, the panel was fully welded back into place.

MGA 10   MGA 11   MGA 12
MGA 14    

The gearbox has been rebuilt and fitted with new bearings, gaskets and seals, of course - along with a new cluster, 1st/2nd synchro hub, reverse idler and synchro rings.

  MGA 15


MGA 16  



The instruments have been overhauled along with the starter and generator.


The completed rebuilt diff assembly fitted with all new bearings and seals.

MGA 18   DSC00477   DSC04458 


 MGA 19    MGA 20    The brake calipers have been completely overhauled, sleeved in stainless and new seals throughout.  The front suspension has now been fitted to the chassis along with rebuilt lever arm, dampers and new steering rack.
 Rear suspension and axle assembly also in .......... so for the first time in many years we have a complete rolling chassis on wheels    SAM 2525    SAM 2532
 SAM 0562    The body shell was completely painted underneath along with the boot and engine bay.    SAM 0564
 The body was then fitted to the chassis for the final time.  The outer panels, bumpers and windscreen frame etc were checked for final fit before the complete body shell was painted with an epoxy undercoat.  Work can now begin preparing the complete car for its top coats of paint.    DSCF0227    DSCF0228


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