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Jaguar SS90

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The Jaguar SS90 was the Marque's first 'sports car'.  Introduced in 1935 only 23 of this model were made before it was superceeded by the SS100.  Of the 23, we have now restored 4 SS90's and are currently restoring an SS100.
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1935 SS1  DHC

DHC 1 small   DHC 2 small   DHC 3 small

They say there is nothing new in the automotive world and this 1935 SS1 DHC is one example.  Modern manufacturers have convertible where the hood stows under a 'hard' panel and make out it's a new idea.  Well SS beat them to it by many years!  The hood folds down into what is the boot area and the boot lid closes over the top.  The cast alloy frames over the top of the doors unclips and stows in the doors.  Once again these are a very complicated car with many unique details and must have been expensive to produce.  This probably explains why only 100 were made.  We have fully restored 2 DHC's now and have two more being done at the moment.

DHC 4 small   DHC 5 small   DHC 6 small

Aston Martin DB4

Aston StripDSC09063small   Aston Strip DSC09074small   Aston StripDSC09065small

It's not all SS's and Jaguars at Upper Classics!

This is the third Aston Martin DB4 we have fully restored.  Given the current values of these cars it is hard to believe they were once worth so little that owners would let them deteriorate into such a poor condition.

Aston DSC01439small   Aston DSC01437small   Aston DSC01442small






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