Whether you own an SS Jaguar, Aston Martin or other classic vehicle that needs work, New Zealand company Upper Classics is your first port of call. We are experts in the field of SS and Jaguar restoration but have also completed work on a wide range of other makes such as a Mercedes Gullwing 300SL, Aston Martin DB4s and an MGA Twin Cam, all to concourse standards. Upper Classics offer full car restoration in Christchurch in our modern premises, based in New Zealand. Head to our gallery to see examples of SS Jaguar restoration projects amongst others.

Why Send Your SS1 Jaguar/Classic Car to New Zealand?

New Zealand has developed a reputation for being a nation of innovative and industrious people. For many years New Zealand had very restrictive import controls, meaning older cars and other equipment were kept in use many years after they would have been scrapped in other countries. Any damaged or worn parts had to be repaired or remade as parts were not readily available. This has allowed for true craftsmanship and knowledge to develop over many years and this passion and experience has been passed down. Upper Classics is a prime example for this.
Whether we're working on an SS Jaguar restoration, an Aston Martin
or a motorcycle - our more senior staff share their knowledge and experience with our younger team members, ensuring the preservation of this industry.

In the light of the world economy New Zealand not only offers expertise in restorations but is also favourable cost-wise in comparison to the United States and Europe. Our competitive hourly rate means that, for the same cost, we can spend more time on your classic car than other restorers do, so the result is simply better!

Why Us?

Managing Director Terry Cartwright and his team of professionals are well aware of what you require when investing a large sum of money in a classic car or SS Jaguar restoration project. This becomes even more important when you are shipping your SS Jaguar, Aston Martin or other vintage vehicle thousands of miles to a country on the other side of the world and to people you have not met. It is essential that you feel comfortable that your car will not only be well looked but arrives back in the desired restored condition.
That's why communication and addressing all your concerns are a top priority at Upper Classics. We email our overseas customers a photo update every month and an itemised invoice showing the work that has been done on their car. We endeavour to answer any questions within 24 hours. Having this 'hands-on' information available allows you to make fully informed decisions on your car's restoration requirements. Our local customers are of course welcome to visit anytime.

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