Our team of experienced mechanics can handle all facets of mechanical repairs or restoration of your car. From simple servicing and repair to total restoration - we do it all.
We can overhaul your engine and all ancillaries, be they exotic or humble..
A restoration is more than just a coat of paint, engine gearboxes and diffs are stripped, checked for damage and re assembled using new badges, seals and other components as required. If parts are not available we can arrange re manufacture. of course with a full restoration we can make each item look as good on the outside as it does within.
If you want your car to drive as good as it looks then don't forget the suspension and brakes will need overhauling as well. Even if you aren't doing a full restoration, the ride and handling of your car will be transformed by replacing your bushes and shocks.
We don't just overhaul the 'big' parts either, the repair and overhaul of all the small hidden parts can make the difference between a car that is a pleasure to drive or one that irritates you everytime you drive it. All the smaller components below have been stripped, repaired and refinished so they look as good as the rest of the car - but more importantly WORK

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