Coach Building

With our own dedicated wood worker on staff we can handle all aspects of wooden body framing and coachbuilding. From repairs to existing woodwork through to building complete wooden frames and fabricating the steel or alloy body panels to suit.
The pictures below show an example of a part repair to the existing wooden frame. Only the bottom extremities of the frame were rotten in this case and the rest of the frame was sound.
This sequence of photos shows a door being made. The basic frame is made then fitted and shaped to the car. A metal edge is then put on the frame for the skin to be folded around. The doorskin is then made to suit and the edge folded over. The last photo show the finished item.
The following is an example of a complete wooden frame being made. In this case we had the remains of the rotten original frame and measurements from a similar car to work to.
In this example a previous owner had completely dismantled the body of this SS Airline. Whilst some attempt had been made at remaking the wood much of it was poor and the originals had been lost. We did have the original body panels, so the frame was loosely assembled and the panels fitted to see what was missing and what was incorrect. Once this was done work began on making a new wooden frame and body panels. Of course all this hard work is hidden when the car is finished.

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