We have the following parts for sale to suit various models of SS1 and SS2 cars. These parts are exact copies of the originals down to the last detail and are used by ourselves in our own restorations. Because we restore so many SS cars, we have been able to invest in tooling and moulds to remanufacture these parts. If you demand the highest quality parts for your restoration then these are the parts for you. Close enough is not good enough for us.

SS1 Tourer Rear Bumper Assembly

Assembly includes the 3 chrome bumper blades, main support bar, alloy side spacer wedges and SS centre badge. Often missing or too badly damaged to reuse, these reproductions look identical to an original set. The only difference being the blades are made from mild rather than spring steel.

Supplied Unchromed: NZ$6000

SS1 Tourer Windscreen Frame Assemblies

As per original except our pillars are cast in brass instead of die cast in 'muck' metal.
Supplied Unchromed: NZ $13000

Replica 'Wilmot Breeden' Spare Wheel Covers

Now available, replica Wilmot Breeden spare wheel covers usually fitted to SS1 and SS2 4 Light Saloons and Coupes but often missing. We have duplicated these covers exactly even down to the correct logo on the chrome band. Available in 2 sizes, SS1 to suit 5.25/5.50 tyres and SS2 to suit smaller 4.75/5.00 tyres.


Please Note:
Although the wheel cover does have some adjustment built into the design we can not guarantee the covers will fit every tyre.

SS1 Steering Wheels

We now have available new steering wheels to suit all models of SS1's. These are completely new not patched up old originals. Cast in aluminum with correct sprung steel spokes, the spokes are cast in place not in afterwards. The centre hubs are machined then polished. The spokes are chromed and the small rivets to hold the spokes together are fitted. Lastly the outer rim is coated black to hold the spokes together.

Completely accurate and stronger than the old original steering wheels - NZ $5500

Fuel Filler Necks and Caps

Originally these filler necks are die cast and consequently hard to rechrome to a high standard. Surprisingly we have also found these missing on a number of cars. Our parts are newly cast in bronze, we can supply these as bare casting or finished ready to chrome complete with cap and 'dog bone'

Spare Wheel Covers

As fitted to the SS1 Drophead Coupes and Airline models (although they are both slightly different). Spun in alloy or steel as appropriate, complete with all fittings and catches

Choke Mechanism

Fully functioning choke mechanism as per original. These work the choke cable by turning the knob. These are nearly always missing, having been substituted with an ordinary pull cable. 

NZ $1500

Door Buffer

Door Buffer

Handbrake Assembly

Side Screen Knobs and Sockets

Knob Chromed and Finished
NZ $175 each

Knob Bare Casting
NZ $65

Sidescreen Socket (Stainless)
NZ $35

Side Screen Hinges

For the front hinged part of Tourer sidescreens, as original with teeth centre to lock the serrated sidescreen open

NZ $175 each

Boot Locks

Fully functioning boot lock with original style key with boot latches to match
Locking Centre Catch
NZ $1250
Side Latches
NZ $800 each

We can supply as a kit of castings:
Side Latches as a 'kit'
NZ $200 each
Centre Locking Catch as a 'Kit'
NZ $400

Accelerator Pedal and Fixings

Door Buffer

Apron Knobs

Radiator Cap and Motif complete with all fittings, individual parts also available

Radiator Cap Complete - Unchromed
NZ $1700
Radiator Cap Complete with SS1 'Winged' Badge surround - Unchromed NZ $3700

Headlight Mounts

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