Panel Beating

Our skilled panelbeaters are able to handle all facets of panel beating from rust repairs and panel replacement through to complete fabrication of panel assemblies.
The bottom edge of this guard had heavy rust pitting. The damaged part has been cut out and a replacement section made. On the right we see the replacement patch welded in and panel beaten.
The rear guard on this Porsche 356, in addition to being rusty, had been 'flared' at some time in the past presumably to cover non standard wheels. A new wired edge of the correct profile and shape was first tacked on, then the old damaged and rusty metal was cut away from the middle of the guard before a new section was 'let in'. Panel beaten and 'dressed up' it will be hard to see the repair.
The rear guard of this Mk4 Jaguar was rusty along the mounting flange where it bolted to the body and also along the wired edge of the wheel arch. A new flange was made and welded on, then a new wired edge section was made to the correct shape and profile then tacked on. Once satisfied with the fit and shape all patches were butt welded. Once again after final panelbeating and 'dressing up' the repair will be hard to spot and the majority of the original panel was saved.
Sometimes the panels we need to remake were originally complicated pressings such as the rusty inner Jaguar Mk4 wheel arch shown left. In the absence of large press tools we have to make this part in sections and weld it together to create the original part.
Another example of this is this fuel tank whick had rusted out at the bottom and roughly patched in the past. A new bottom and centre section were fabricated and the whole lot welded and soldered back together using the original top.

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